Read about how Chandre finds teaching in China so far:

My journey to China started when I contacted Nicole (from SA-Recruitment) about teaching abroad in May 2018. I had my mind set on teaching in the Middle East but knew that my experience would not be enough. Nicole replied to me quickly and we started the process. She assured me that she will find me a suitable school wherever I wanted to go. She said she might even be able to get me a position in the Middle East even though I didn’t have one-year teaching experience. After reading all the informative brochures she sent me about China and the Middle East I made my decision to teach in China. Nicole made this entire process incredibly easy and assisted me with every single step – before I knew it, I was on the plane to China.

I have been in China for almost 2 weeks and it has been an experience! When I first arrived in Chongqing, I was amazed at the way things worked here. I could not understand why the Chinese people kept staring at me, but later realized it is because they do not often see

foreigners in this city. The day I arrived we immediately went to look at the accommodation that I had chosen from the pictures they had sent. I was surprised by how modern and large this apartment is. On the same day we paid the deposit for the apartment, organized a SIM card and Wi-Fi for my apartment. I was shown a little bit around my area and taken to the local supermarket to buy some necessities.

The first 3 days were incredibly overwhelming and I was very unsure of everything. I could not wait to go to my new school to meet all my colleagues, but there was another obstacle; I could not decide if I should take a taxi to work or walk. I knew that I would not be able to effectively communicate with the driver but I had only walked to the school once with someone from the school and I was not one hundred percent sure of the way. On Monday morning, I decided to just walk and I did. I managed to find the school without getting lost. As soon as I met the incredible teachers and foreign teachers at my school I knew that I was going to have an amazing time here in China. Everyone immediately offered to assist me in any way possible.

My school is located in the most beautiful lush residential area that is just a 25-minute walk from my apartment. The school completely exceeded my expectations. It is a beautiful international kindergarten with the most incredible staff, resources and facilities I have ever come across. The foreign teachers have their own office, with computers and all the resources we need. We have a communal dining area where we are served lunch every day. The Chinese teachers exquisitely decorate the classrooms in ways I have never seen or thought of before.

After school hours a lovely lady from the Philippines that lives in my area, walks home with me and goes with me to the supermarket to help me buy various items that I am unable to

find on my own. She showed me where the best places are to eat, where to shop and where to find the cheapest items. She even took me to a restaurant here to have the signature dish in Chongqing – a hot pot – to welcome me to China. On the weekend we go to the supermarket or malls that are very close to where we stay.

I have been out of my comfort zone since I arrived here and I would not have it any other way. I am so excited to continue this journey in China and to learn as much as I can from everyone I meet and everywhere I go.

Thank you so so much to Nicole for all her hard work in getting me here, and for finding me a position at such an amazing school!

Keep up the good work and great attitude, Chandre, we are so proud of you and cannot wait for the next installment of your journey!


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