In this day and age technology is king. No where is this more true than the techno-giant country that is China. Adjusting to expat life in China can take some time for new teachers. Luckily, there are loads of apps designed to make life in China a breeze!


The most popular and most important app you will need in China is


Whilst we are on the topic of money. Another app you will find useful to have is


So now that you know how to spend money, you can use apps like Taobao to purchase goods. Unlike Takealot, Taobao links stores and sellers to buyers, so some products will be generic no name brand knock offs. However, brands can have verified accounts which assures buyers of product authenticity.


Sometimes, after a long hard day of teaching and moulding minds, you don’t feel like going out to find food or cook and make dishes. That’s where apps like

Getting Around

Need a cab? No problem. Uber is very accessible and popular in China, however it is fast being overtaken by the company called


There are so many apps which you can use to pass the time. The most popular one would be the music app

If you would like to go out and make some new friends, you could sign up for

Whatever your needs, China has an app for it!


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