Whether it’s cold feet, another work opportunity or a change in plans, cancelling an employment contract at the last minute (before you have even started the position) is very unprofessional and unfair on the employer – no matter what industry you are in. We have experienced this before with teachers and we would like to take a minute to discuss this with you and help you understand why you shouldn’t cancel a signed contract and how to avoid this situation all together.

Take it seriously

The first thing you need to remember is that when you send in your CV to us and you get a response from us – you are now in the running for a job. You must take this process seriously. We will be contacting you for information and interviews and you need to be ready to comply!

It’s a big deal

When our client school accepts your teaching profile and asks for an interview – that’s a big deal! These are some of the best schools in China and the Middle East and they take hiring their staff very seriously. Receiving an interview invitation from these schools is a huge confident booster and you should feel very proud of yourself. That being said, you are expected to take these interviews as seriously as these schools. An interview opportunity means that you have a very good chance of getting the position.

You wouldn’t want it to happen to you

Imagine you signed a contract with a school and at the last minute – after you sold your car and moved out your flat – the school cancelled the contract! Totally unfair, right? Well, it works both ways. These schools put a lot of time and money into bringing South African teachers overseas.

You have an obligation

If you sign a contract and have agreed to take the position you have an obligation to fulfil that promise. That means you must start preparing you life to move overseas and start a new job. Please don’t look for other positions or only tell your family about the move once you have signed the contract. By changing your mind and suddenly pulling out of the contract you leave the school without a teacher (and very little time to find a replacement) and you damage your reputation with us and the school – making it unlikely that you will be able to apply again in the future.

We get it

We understand that these teaching positions are daunting. A new country, a new school, new people and a new home – it is a lot to take in – but you need to have a serious think about it before you sign the contract. Think of all your concerns and fears (and even those of your family members) and come talk to us about them. We will not lie to you or be angry about anything – we would rather you speak to us so that we can help you better understand the situation and make the right decision. We have both our teachers’ and schools’ best interest at heart. We want you to be happy, and if you decide that you aren’t quite ready to take this leap yet, that is okay too – let us know before you sign a contract and we will happily put forward another lucky teacher for our school. That way someone else gets a job; the school gets a teacher, and you will be able to come back to us and apply when you feel ready.

We hope you will not hesitate to contact us with any concerns or queries you may have before signing your contract. We are renowned for our outstanding service and we would like to continue to build a good image for South African teachers in the eyes of international schools.


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