Here is an update on the situation with our client schools across the Middle East. The bottom line is that there is a lot of uncertainty at the moment for all of our clients; these are private schools so they are reliant on parents paying school fees and the challenge that some of them face is that parents are pushing back at paying full school fees for E-learning as opposed to face-to-face teaching – it is not viewed as ‘value for money’.

Schools are also waiting on their relevant Ministry of Education to make a final decision as to whether they will go back to face-to-face teaching in September 2020 or if E-learning will continue.

This decision is still pending and until a final decision has been made, schools will not be able to accurately determine how many new teachers they will need to appoint for the new academic calendar.

We are communicating with our schools almost daily to keep updated on this situation and the feeling is that an announcement should be made in June, with an upsurge in the demand for new teachers late June/early July.
During this time of uncertainty, both locally here in South Africa, as well as in the Middle East – we can give you the following advice: if you are interested in teaching outside of South Africa you need to register your intention with us, you need to register with our agency. If you are able to only give a month’s notice then you need to contact us as when we get the final go-ahead from our schools there will be not be much time to offer your schools here a full 3 month’s notice.

We will keep you updated as and when we learn more, please email us on to send us your CV or follow up on our Facebook page.


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