Teaching overseas is not for the faint-hearted; especially if you have a family that you need to leave behind for extended periods of time as the vast majority of schools in the Middle East and China are only interested in you as a teacher and not interested in whether or not you have any dependents that need to be catered for.

However, for the right kind of person and teacher, there is the possibility of changing your family’s life and having them with you as you begin your international teaching career.

These are very unique positions and the schools here are looking for much more than just good and experienced teachers; these schools are managed and run along very strong Christian principles so they need to employ teachers and families that will echo these principles and add to them.
A ‘fair weather’ Church-goer is not enough to tick this box; appropriate teachers will need to be able to demonstrate a deep and active Christian Faith evident in their daily life, family life and teaching.

These schools are specifically located in more ‘suburban’ locations and cities across China and the Middle East and more conducive to community and family life. The package they offer families is unmatched in that they will pay for flights for all, visa’s and medical aid for all, family accommodation AND they will cover school fees at their International US curriculum schools (just to put this into perspective, schools fees can easily cost more than a teacher earns per month) AND there is the real possibility of a non-teaching spouse being offered paid employment within the school or wider community, they should then ideally have a degree.

If you have that all important sense of Christian Faith, have a family you wish to have with you and can see the real benefit of giving your children an international education then get in touch with us on info@sa-recruitment.com with Faith in the subject line.

If your CV matches what we are looking for, and owing to the unique nature of these positions, we will then book a quick call to discuss finer details.


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