SA-Recruitment is known for its high level of personal service and as a result the majority of the teachers we work with and place come to us through word-of-mouth.

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We know that many of the teachers we place, would like their friends or colleagues to experience the same great service that they have received and refer them to us.

This is great BUT if you are already teaching at a school or have secured a position in the Middle East or China, and you want your friend to join you, or if your school asks you for CV’s of friends or colleagues please DO NOT give them to the school directly.

We cannot stress this enough.

The reasons for this are:

  1. If your friend’s application is unsuccessful and they want to try again through us, we
    will not be able to assist
    as the school will not look at a candidate they have already considered.
  2. If you give your friend’s CV to the school directly then they can not apply again through us – so we cannot assist them AT ALL…
    no support
    , no advice, no assistance with documents or contracts etc (all the things that you love about our service).
  3. Remember we also
    provide interview support
    and guidance to help teachers secure the right role and package. If teachers are sent directly to a school we cannot offer any of this.

If you either know of someone that you want to join you at your school, or if your school asks you for any friend CV’s and you have someone in mind here is what you must do:

  1. Send us your friend’s name and contact details
  2. Remind your friend that you have done this and that we will be in touch
  3. We will then contract your friend and offer them our full range of services to help them secure a job at a great school…or possibly even the school that you are teaching at.

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