When we advertise our vacancies for our clients in China and the Middle East, we always make sure to show what the salary range is and also what extra benefits are on offer.

However, we are sometimes advised that the information is not clear enough and candidates are not always sure exactly what is on offer and what is included in packages.

Schools in China and the Middle East, our client schools in particular, offer similar packages (great salaries, accommodation, flights and medical) but there are sometimes more benefits on offer from our clients in China.

Here is the typical Middle East package:

  • Salaries range from 9000 AED to 14 000 AED (tax-free); salaries depend on experience, qualifications, international experience etc.
  • You get furnished accommodation (you do not pay for this; it is an extra benefit and not included in your salary); most of the time, your utility bills are also covered by the schools… which means free water and electricity!
  • The schools give you free annual flights (one to the Middle East, one back home for summer vacation, one back to the Middle East and one back home at the end of your contract).
  • You get medical insurance – this covers you with basic doctor visits and hospital cover.
  • The schools provide you with visa sponsorship – you do not pay for this.

Here is the typical China package:

  • Salaries range from RMB 22 000 to RMB 28 000 (sometimes even more depending on the vacancy!) You do not pay for any of the below benefits. It is separate from your salary.
  • Our clients offer a very nice accommodation allowance and assist you with finding a great apartment close enough to the school; they also assist with utility bills.
  • To assist you with your move, you get a relocation and settling-in allowance to help you set up your new home.
  • All annual flights are paid for – a flight to China to start your contract, a flight home for vacation, a flight back to China, and a flight home at the end of your contract.
  • A generous excess baggage allowance is also included which means you can take extra baggage (always helpful when moving to a new country).
  •  You get a monthly transportation allowance to assist with travelling to and from school.
  • Full expat medical cover is offered as part of your package – you do not pay for this.
  •  The schools also pay for your visa.

We trust this clears up all your questions about what packages to expect if you want to teach abroad. Schools are different so please note that package might sometimes differ, but these are the typical packages overall.

Please get in touch with us if you have more questions or if you’d like to submit your CV: info@sa-recruitment.com


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