What it is like living and teaching in Saudi Arabia

Once again, thank you to teacher Lynique for providing us with the insights into living in Riyadh.

Life in a compound is really awesome and I have absolutely no complaints. We have amazing fully furnished accommodation. Our accommodation is huge. I live upstairs in a massive bedroom with so many cupboards that I actually didn’t know what to do with all the extra space… until I found the Saudi shops and now they are filled! The rest of the house is great: there is a big TV area, huge kitchen (fully kitted with everything we would ever need) aircons and bedding!

There is a grand new gym that opened in November 2018. Really nice equipment. There are classes there – Pilates, yoga, baby gym for toddlers. We are about 10 girls that come together for “bootcamp” and we train together. There are also 3 lovely pools and a braai area. There are massive tennis courts, football courts so you can really get involved and have no excuse to be active.

On the social front, there is always something happening. A braai, someone inviting you over for dinner or tea. I have made good friends here from all over the world.

We have a small compound shop where you can buy emergency items like milk and bread.

10 minutes from our accommodation, there is a shopping square with a grocery store, pharmacy, different restaurants and coffee shops, so you are walking distance from anything.

There are massive malls all around, Ubers are 10 – 15 minutes away from us.

Up the road, new stores have opened with lovely sit down restaurants.

We are close to school as well and they provide a bus for us to take to and from school. If not, you can Uber. It’s close enough and really not expensive.

I must say I have never felt so safe in my life. I am proudly South African, but I must say the safety here in Saudi is fantastic compared to South Africa. You can walk to the grocery store at night and you never feel threatened.

My tip: make friends outside of the compound and spread your wings there is so much to see and do!

I am very, very happy here – and you could be too!

If you want to read more about what Lynique has to say about life in Riyadh,


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