Here is another instalment in our series of blogs about our teacher, Chandre, who is teaching Kindergarten in Chongqing, China.

How I have grown as a person:

The move to China was (initially) a bit scary and I was forced out of my comfort zone; this was actually the best thing that ever happened as it has made me view the world in a different light.

Before I came to China I would NEVER have gone to a restaurant by myself, I would have been too embarrassed – but now I go anywhere and everywhere and if I have to go by myself it is not a problem at all. I am more than happy to go out by myself.

I am also so much more responsible now than I was back home. I have to be able to budget to pay for utilities, shopping, saving money and money for travelling.

I have grown so much as a teacher too; learning how to deal with situations in my classroom that I have to solve myself, learning how to think of new ways of engaging with students and parents and it has been so fulfilling.

Living in China has made me far more patient in challenging situations; the initial culture shock and language barrier taught me how to deal positively with these frustrating situations.

I think the biggest change is how independent I have become both professionally and personally. I have had to learn to stand on my own two feet, to deal with foreign environments, to learn patience, to force myself to engage with people and put myself out there socially and I am so so happy about this growth – that would never have happened if I did not say yes to China.

To find out more about teaching in China contact us on 021 100 4135 or


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