Preparing for the interview for your teaching job abroad:

Many of you are about to have your interviews with prospective schools in the Middle East and China. Many of you may just be curious about what it will be like when you reach this point in your application. We thought we would put together little information about how the interviews occur; how to prepare for the interview, and what to expect during the interview.

How Will The Interview Occur?

Generally, interviews will happen via Skype or the telephone. We will arrange a convenient time with you and the school. Normally, we try arrange interviews for the weekend in order to comfortably accommodate any time differences. We will send you plenty of prep material before your interview. This material will include: potential questions; information on the school and the interviewer, and what you need to have ready for the interview.

What to Expect:

Each school and interviewer is different and will have a different interview style. However, we find that these are some of the most common questions that get asked after a brief ‘ice-breaker’ introduction:

  • Please share your experiences in implementing differentiation in the classroom?
  • Tell me about your experiences with second language learners.
  • Explain your classroom management methods.
  • How do you feel about technology in the classroom?
  • Can you briefly explain and discuss a lesson plan with me?

How Can You Prepare?

First and foremost, if you interview is to be over Skype, make it look professional! Your profile picture is going to be their first impression of you – so have a nice, professional image of yourself from the shoulders up. Try avoid drunken selfies or fish pout faces! It is also a good idea to be online a few minutes before the interviews intended start time – this shows organisation and readiness.

Read through all the material we send you before hand and make sure you can answer all the practice questions. It is also a good idea to read through your own CV and make sure that you can elaborate and explain everything you have put in there.

Prepare some questions you may like to ask them. Do you want to know about the package they are offering? Maybe you would like to know about the terms of the contract or what opportunities there are for professional development and training?

Last but certainly not least, have 1 or 2 lesson plans on hand that you can explain to them in order for them to get an idea of your teaching method and style.

* * *
It all sounds very intimidating but it is no more so than any other job interview. Have a glass of water nearby, breathe and remember to smile – even if they can’t hear you, it opens your airways and improves you mood! We will be there for you before and after so there is no reason to fret!


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