The fantastic Netanye has given us a glimpse into the life of a teacher in Abu Dhabi. We can tell you about teaching until the cows come home, but there’s nothing like a first-hand account from a teacher living abroad.

I have had the urge to teach in the Middle East for a little more than a year. I hate making such life-changing decisions and therefore stalled sending my information in. Once I got the guts to send my information to Nicole at SA-Recruitment, I knew there was no turning back.

The process went so fast and quite smoothly with Nicole’s help and I could not imagine doing all the admin by myself.

The goodbyes to my family were the worst. Once I was on the plane it felt more like I was going on holiday than off to teach in Abu Dhabi. The transition to the move and teaching in Abu Dhabi was made easier by colleagues and friends, Wilmarie and Helena, who have been teaching at my school for a year already. They have been so helpful with regards to all aspects of the move. I have made such good friends with them in the process.

So far, it has been such an adventure and I have learnt so much and have experienced so many new things. We have visited quite a few malls including Yas Mall, made quite a few stops at IKEA (who has amazing bottomless coffee for only 6 AED) and even visited Saadiyat beach on a scorching hot day.

Things I would advise: check what your start day for your salary is. Start day on your contract is apparently different to the day you start working. Also make sure what exactly is included in a fully furnished apartment/villa. Fully furnished here could mean a bed only or sometimes a bed, bedding, cupboard and shared microwave, washing machine and fridge.

Also, prepare for teaching learners with quite a different culture to your own. It’s not bad, but could be quite intimidating if not handled correctly.

I am positive that I will have an adventure and that my stay here will be great.

Lots of adventure and teacher love,



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