What to do if you aren’t accepted into a mainstream teaching job abroad.

We often get teachers with great CV’s applying for our mainstream/classroom teaching positions that we would love to place overseas who then contact us to ask why they were not successful.

There are 2 main reasons why this has happened:

  1. They don’t have at least 1yr of teaching experience post-qualifying.
  2. Their teaching experience is in subjects not taught overseas; it might be outside of their teaching phase or in subjects that are not their degree majors (The schools we work with in the Middle East and China are very strict when it comes to making sure that all the mainstream/classroom teachers they hire have the correct degree, major and experience for their vacancies).

For teachers that fall into one of these categories, and particularly if you are a PRIMARY TEACHER, we would strongly recommend that you consider teaching English as a Second Language in China (TEFL teaching) – as a primary teacher this experience will be within your teaching phase and count as international experience should you wish to apply for a mainstream/classroom teaching position in the future.

Being a TEFL teacher is nothing to turn your nose at! Some of the language schools we work with in China offer great packages and the experience you gain working with these students counts as relevant experience in the eyes of mainstream international schools in both China as well as the Middle East.

This Plan B option offers the following advantages:

  • You get to go overseas and teach now – no waiting
  • As a primary teacher, this experience will add to your CV and make your application more attractive to international schools in the Middle East and China for mainstream/classroom positions in the future
  • It is a 1yr contract
  • You can teach and live with your partner, even if you are not married (assuming they have a degree and good English skills)
  • Travel opportunities
  • Low cost of living

If you wish to find out more about TEFL teaching in China, please contact us for further information.

+27 21 100 3145



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