There is always a high demand for Primary School teachers in China and the Middle East!

We are looking for roughly thirty primary school teachers for various positions in China and the Middle East right now and we often get asked why there is always such a high demand for primary school teachers. In this article, we would like to show you why we receive so many primary school vacancies and exactly why you should apply for them!

Why is the demand so high?

There are a few reasons why. Mainly, because the majority of the clients we work with in China and the Middle East are in fact primary schools and we have to cater to their needs. We have also noticed that there are just more primary schools than high schools.

The reasons why these schools want South African teachers is because there is a notable curriculum and pedagogical overlap between South African and international curricula at a primary school level – making it an easy transition for teachers and students. The other reason being that South Africans have a worldwide reputation for being hardworking employees, making us a highly sought after addition to staff overseas. This is something we should all be proud of!

Why should you take the leap and apply for these vacancies?

After about two years, once you have found your groove and confidence as a teacher in your first teaching job in South Africa, it would be wise to consider working overseas. Working at various schools overseas allows you to experience a plethora of curricula; teaching methods; educational technologies and professional development programs – many of which you may never experience here in South Africa. Invaluable experiences such as these beef up your CV and, best of all, make you a better teacher which will allow you to construct a bright future for yourself as an educator.

Still not completely sold on the idea?

Average salary of a Primary School teacher in South Africa:

R14,500 – R15 000 per month before tax!

Average salaries at our client schools in the Middle East:

Minimum of R30 000 per month take home!

Some positions offer more and ALL positions include accommodation; medical aid and visa assistance – none of that comes out of your salary!

Average salaries at our client schools in China:

Minimum of R28 000 per month and – depending on your experience – some offering up to R55 000 per month take home!

ALL positions include accommodation; medical aid and visa assistance – none of that comes out of your salary!

You don’t have to be a maths teacher to figure this one out…

By working as a teacher abroad you are ensuring that you:

  • Become an outstanding teacher
  • Increase your chances of walking into amazing jobs in the future
  • Earn enough money to start saving and building a comfortable life for yourself

If you are a qualified primary school teacher with a minimum of one or two years experience and you would like to work in China or the Middle East, please send us your CV straight away as positions start in August.

Email your CV to us at


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