It IS possible to sponsor your spouse BUT it comes with strict guidelines that need to be carefully considered and it is also vital to take into consideration your husband’s prospects of getting a job in the UAE – he can’t go over on your sponsorship and just ‘get a job’ or ‘do any job’.

A female teacher can only sponsor her husband once she has received her work permit – this process could take up to 3 months after you’ve arrived in the UAE – your spouse can then only join you after this process, or travel to the UAE on a visitor’s visa.

Your employer (the school) will offer no financial contributions towards the process – you will have to carry the costs/do the paperwork etc. yourself. The process is time consuming and expensive as all the required paperwork (marriage certificate, passports, possibly reference letters and husband’s qualifications etc. will need to be authenticated and attested).

You may ask your school if your husband can stay with you in the provided accommodation BUT it is strictly at the school’s discretion as to whether they will allow this and you will then have to pay some rent or opt for an accommodation allowance should that be an option.

A teacher’s salary and overall package is good, but the saving potential is boosted by the fact that your school offers you free accommodation; this will support an individual comfortably but to support two people as well as pay rent etc will be a stretch so your husband will need to find work soon as you will be hard pressed to support both of you, particularly if the school insists that you move out of their sponsored accommodation.

So bottom line is this: it is possible for females to sponsor dependants BUT it is not as easy as one might think and you need to do thorough research and ensure that your husband has definite job prospects in the UAE, it is not the kind of job market where one can do ‘any job’ – that just won’t cut it.


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