This week’s inspiring tale comes from Lauren in Oman. She gives hopeful teachers some good advice, and sheds some light on cultural differences.

I haven’t worked abroad before but I think I landed up in a very decent place. Work is work anywhere around the world (or so I’ve gathered speaking to other teachers who have come from various places).

It’s just what you make of it.

We were in a hotel for the first few days and we just toured the city and visited the three sister schools. We were looked after very well. We were a large group so each day people were arriving from all different destinations around the world.

I’m enjoying the cultural difference. Even back home where I came from I taught a different culture to myself and it is fascinating. I find that we are both myself and the students are learning about one another. A teacher’s lovable, nurturing and respected approach in the classroom will help you handle any type of child.

Weekends are always about visiting various places – restaurants, beaches, pools…. Just to be out, keeping busy to take the mind off home.

Advice for future teachers – Take the challenge, do it now while you are able to be a bit selfish in life. It’s about building and growing as an individual. I’ve lived at home for 24 years and absolutely everything my parents have done for me has helped me out here on my own.

It’s a working holiday in the bigger picture. Just do it. You meet people you wouldn’t have chosen to be in your friend circle back home and that has been a big eye opener for me.

I have loved every moment of the journey so far.

We wish Lauren the best on her future travels and adventures!


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