What to wear when teaching in the Middle East:

So many of you are packing your bags to fly over to your new homes and jobs in the Middle East and we just know that you are staring into your closets wondering what the heck you should pack! We have compiled a list of basic guidelines for what teachers should and should not wear to work in the hopes that we can make the packing process a little easier.

Here we go.


Lads, your list comes first because its simple and straightforward:

  • The ideal outfit:
    dress shirt, tie, regular cut pants/chinos and a smart sneaker or work shoe.
  • No tight pants
  • No denim (that includes denim look shirts)
  • Hair and facial hair is to be kept short and neat
  • No piercings

If involved in PE classes:

  • The ideal outfit:
    long, loose gym pants or long basketball-type shorts with a loose fitting t-shirt with long sleeves.


Okay, ladies, as we are sure you have already guessed, the list of do’s and don’ts is a little longer for us. However it really isn’t as bad as you may think:

  • The ideal outfit:
    loose, long and opaque shirt (not tucked in) over loose fitting work pants or a long loose skirt with a comfortable closed shoe.
  • Skirts:
    skirts should hang below the knee and be loose fitting (so no pencil skirts)
  • Dresses
    : dresses are also okay, as long as they cover the shoulders, are loose-fitting and hang below the knee
  • Pants
    : no denim – stick to a work-style or chino-type that are loose.
  • Nothing should hang to or accentuate the hips (all tops should cover the hips)
  • No tank tops
  • Nothing revealing – no cleavage or bare midriffs
  • Hair should be neat and tied away from the face
  • Make up should be conservative and work appropriate
  • Nails can be painted but no bright, neon colours. Stick to nude or pastel colours


Here are some things for all teachers to keep in mind:

  • No gum is allowed on school premises
  • No excessive jewelry
  • No religious symbols please
  • No sandals or flip flops (unless involved in a beach outing)
  • No gym shoes or brightly coloured sneakers
  • Keep in mind that all schools are air-conditioned which can get a little chilly, so keep an appropriate jacket, jersey or shawl around in the classroom

We have taken to the internet to find you some outfit inspiration:


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