“Why can’t I take my family with me?” This is one of our most frequently asked questions. The simple answer is it’s not convenient for your new school.

Remember: your new employer is fitting a lot of your bills. For example, they are paying for your accommodation.

Accommodation is very expensive in the Middle East, so the accommodation offered by our schools is worth its weight in gold. They will not offer this highly-priced accommodation to an individual that is not teaching at their school nor can they afford to pay for accommodation for an entire family.

School fees for International Schools are also very high and not all schools offer a reduction in these fees for their teachers, particularly once you have just started. This means you may struggle to find affordable, quality education for your children.

If your spouse is sponsored by his/her own employer / company and you will be travelling on a dependent/spousal visa then that is different. If your spouse is offered accommodation as part of the package, then you can take a housing allowance from the school in lieu of taking a bedroom in one of their villas.

If you are married, but decide to leave dependents and spouses behind, that is also very possible – the school will then accommodate you as a single person with all the relevant bonuses.

Should you wish to bring family over at a later stage you will have to take full financial and administrative responsibility for doing this. We do not recommend doing this until you are 100% settled and have a good visa agent to help you.

We understand that leaving ones family behind is incredibly difficult. It is important to remember that we do not set the rules, we simply follow the guidelines set by our client schools. However, please feel free to contact us and discuss your options.


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