At SA-Recruitment when we place you at one of our client schools, there are often other South Africans working there, that we’ve placed there before. Many of our schools also look to appoint more than 1 teacher into a specific department, so we typically end up placing 3 or 4 teachers at the same school that all teach and live together.

The benefits of this can be obvious: you have a familiar face around, more fun to be had by you and your friends etc. but there may be some advantages that you might not think of straight away…

  1. Our schools encourage this as it provides the new teachers with support and a sense of familiarity when they are absorbing and adjusting to so many new things around them.
  2. When the homesickness hits – and it will – you have someone that will let you cry on their shoulder and help you through this phase; it will pass but it does make it a bit easier if there is someone doing it with you.
  3. It is easier to reassure skeptical friends/family members when you announce your exciting plans of teaching overseas and someone then starts trying to convince you not to go or starts questioning your decision; having a friend in your corner will help you feel confident about your choice and not let negativity sway you.
  4. Going to teach overseas needs paperwork and organization, this also is something you and a buddy can do together to make sure you are both on track and egging each other on to ‘get it all done’.
  5. One of the reasons our teachers want to move overseas is for the travel and cultural experiences, and this is made more fun is you have someone to share it with.
  6. Psychologically having a friend to help you when you have a little wobble will bolster you to get through any wobbles you might experience, you can talk it out, eat some ice-cream and move on!

So if you are keen to take the plunge of teaching overseas but are a little nervous; seize the moment (and a friend’s hand) and contact us on


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