With the different terms and names used all over the world it can get fuzzy. However, we explain all you need to know on the difference and similarities of children’s foundation learning.

You will have heard us talk about Kindergarten or KG positions, particularly the last week or so, but what exactly is Kindergarten – is it the same as our Grade R and what age groups does it mean…we are here to answer these questions.

Internationally, Kindergarten is an essential part of the schooling system for children usually 4-5yrs of age and prepares them for formal education, in some regions the KG range is a 2yr phase. In these regions, it is a compulsory year(s) of schooling for all children and although the focus is on play and experiences, the curriculum is formalized with definite outcomes,

standardized content and measurables. The focus is very child-centered with attention paid to playing and learning which allows the children to develop social and life skills they will use as the foundation for their formal schooling.

Grade R in South Africa caters also to children 5 – 6yrs old and in terms of outcomes there is much overlap with the KG practices. The Grade R CAPS curriculum also includes a focus on learning through play and experience within the main learning areas of Language, Mathematics and Life Skills. Many feel that this is an essential part of a child’s development and there is talk by Government to make it part of the compulsory schooling for children.

So in a nutshell, in the movies or in our vacancies when you hear KG or Kindergarten, just think Grade R and if you have a B Ed Foundation Phase/Early Childhood Development and a minimum of 2yrs experience

(some regions accept 1yr) then you are totally suited to these vacancies – so

please apply!!


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